Natural Medicine in Anti-Ageing, 19-20 November, Sydney, Australia

  At the end of this week, on November 19-20, the Australian Apitherapy Association, led by president  Dr. Bridget Goodwin , organized the 2nd Global Apitherapy Conference, which brought together specialists from 17 countries, from various parts of the world. The international conference, which enjoyed great success, took place under the suggestive and extremely current title "Natural Medicine in Anti-Ageing", for a world that is aging more and more. In their papers, the specialists present at this prestigious scientific event tried to offer solutions to people interested in living longer, better and healthier, by using various natural therapies, such as: apitherapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, Ayurveda, cannabinoid medicine, diet therapy, homeopathy, phytotherapy, manual therapies, etc. At this exceptional scientific meeting, I had the opportunity to present my therapeutic model used to slow down the specific processes of aging, due to the synergistic effect of various natura

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