Thyme, the best aromatic plant, for the treatment of acne

Thymus vulgaris (common thyme, English thyme, summer thyme, winter thyme, French thyme, or garden thyme) is a commonly used culinary herb but also an important aromatic plant for the treatment of acne. Common thyme is a Mediterranean perennial plant which is best suited to well-drained soils and full sun.
The Essential Oil of thyme , contains 20-54% thymol , which is powerfull antiseptic natural substance.Thyme essential oil also contains a range of additional compounds, such as p-cymene, myrcene, borneol and linalool.
Utilisation of thyme in different intermediary pharmaceutical forms ( teinture, extracts, essential oils, aso) and final dermatological products (ointments, creams,aso), is the best way for the natural treatment of acne. For a complex complementary treatment of this dermatological disease, we associate with very good therapeutical results, apitherapy (honey, propolis) and dietotherapy, for to realise a synergic effect.
The images of this Complementary and Alternative Medicine(CAM), which we utilised with succes in the treatment of acne, are presented in my Pinterest page (, at the board Natural Remedies for Acne.